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What is Critical Chain Project Management?

Critical Chain Project Management A Brief Overview Critical Chain Project Management was developed and publicized by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt in 1997. Followers of this methodology of Project Management claim it to be an alternative to the established standard of Project Management as advocated by PMBOK® and other Standards of Project Management. This article attempts to provide a brief overview of the Principals of Critical Chain Project Management and its applicability to manage Projects across all organizations and verticals. The Critical Chain Method has its roots in another one of Dr. Goldratt’s inventions viz.

PMBOK® - A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge

A Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK – The Bible for Project Managers The Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge, generally referred to as PMBOK®, is the single most authentic resource for learning Project Management. For prospective PMPs, PMBOK® is the Bible, which they cannot do without, if they hope to clear the exam and become an accredited PMP®. The Project Management Guide, which is an internationally recognized Standard (IEEE, ANSI), is used as a reference for most of the professional development programs based on Project Management. Various institutes and institutions of

Insights on Change Control Management – Part 1

Facts on Change Control Management Change Management, often called Change Control, is simply the process of managing most changes that can have positive OR negative effects on any environment- be it a small organization or a large one, be it department like IT, Human Resources, or a group of functions, or simply the internal way of doing things from day to day. Change control is a systematic approach to managing all changes to a product, process or system. The purpose is to ensure that no unnecessary changes are made, that all changes are documented, that services or products are not unnecessarily disrupted & resources are used eff ...