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Module 1: Introduction to Python

What is Python Language and features, 
Why Python and why it is different from other languages, 
Installation of Python, 
Anaconda Python distribution for Windows, Mac, Linux.
Run a sample python script, 
Working with Python IDE’s. 
Running basic python commands – Data types, Variables,Keywords,etc

Hands-on Exercise – Install Anaconda Python distribution for your OS (Windows/Linux/Mac)

Module 2: Basic constructs of Python language

Indentation(Tabs and Spaces) and Code Comments (Pound # character);
Variables and Names; 
Built-in Data Types in Python – Numeric: int, float, complex – Containers: list, tuple, set, dict – Text Sequence: Str (String) – Others: 
Null Object, 
Ellipsis Object – Constants: False, True, None, Not Implemented, Ellipsis, __debug__; 
Basic Operators: Arithmetic, Comparison, Assignment, Logical, Bitwise, Membership, Indentity; 
Slicing and The Slice Operator [n:m]; 
Control and Loop Statements: if, for, while, range(), break, continue, else;

Hands-on Exercise – Write your first Python program Write a Python Function (with and without parameters) Use Lambda expression Write a class, create a member function and a variable, Create an object Write a for loop to print all odd numbers

Module 3: Writing Object Oriented Program in Python and connecting with Database

Classes – classes and objects,
Access modifiers, 
Instance and class members OOPS paradigm – Inheritance,
Polymorphism and Encapsulation in Python.
Functions: Parameters and Return Types; 
Lambda Expressions,
Making connection with Database for pulling data.

Module 4: File Handling, Exception Handling in Python

Open a File, Read from a File,
Write into a File; 
Resetting the current position in a File; 
The Pickle (Serialize and Deserialize Python Objects);
The Shelve (Overcome the limitation of Pickle); 
What is an Exception;
Raising an Exception; 
Catching an Exception;

Hands-on Exercise – Open a text file and read the contents, Write a new line in the opened file, Use pickle to serialize a python object, deserialize the object, Raise an exception and catch it

Module 5: Mathematical Computing with Python (NumPy)

Arrays and Matrices,
ND-array object,
Array indexing,
Array math Broadcasting,
Std Deviation, 
Conditional Prob, 
Covariance and Correlation.

Hands-on Exercise – Import numpy module, Create an array using ND-array, Calculate std deviation on an array of numbers, Calculate correlation between two variables

Module 6: Scientific Computing with Python (SciPy)

Builds on top of NumPy, 
SciPy and its characteristics,
subpackages: cluster, fftpack, linalg, signal, integrate, optimize, stats;
Bayes Theorem using SciPy

Hands-on Exercise – Import SciPy, Apply Bayes theorem using SciPy on the given dataset

Module 7: Data Visualization (Matplotlib)

Plotting Grapsh and Charts (Line, Pie, Bar, Scatter, Histogram, 3-D); 
Subplots; The Matplotlib API

Hands-on Exercise – Plot Line, Pie, Scatter, Histogram and other charts using Matplotlib

Module 8: Data Analysis and Machine Learning (Pandas) OR Data Manipulation with Python

NumPy array to a dataframe; 
Import Data (csv, json, excel, sql database);
Data operations: View, Select, Filter, Sort, Groupby, Cleaning, Join/Combine, Handling Missing Values; 
Introduction to Machine Learning(ML);
Linear Regression;
Time Series

Hands-on Exercise – Import Pandas, Use it to import data from a json file,,Select records by a group and apply filter on top of that, View the records, Perform Linear Regression analysis, Create a Time Series

Module 9: Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning (Scikit-Learn)

Introduction to Natural Language Processing (NLP); 
NLP approach for Text Data; 
Environment Setup (Jupyter Notebook); 
Sentence Analysis;
ML Algorithms in Scikit-Learn; 
What is Bag of Words Model; 
Feature Extraction from Text;
Model Training; 
Search Grid;
Multiple Parameters;
Build a Pipeline

Hands-on Exercise – Setup Jupyter Notebook environment, Load a dataset in Jupyter, Use algorithm in Scikit-Learn package to perform ML techniques, Train a model Create a search grid

Module 10: Web Scraping for Data Science

What is Web Scraping; 
Web Scraping Libraries (Beautifulsoup, Scrapy); 
Installation of Beautifulsoup; 
Install lxml Python Parser; 
Making a Soup Object using an input html;
Navigating Py Objects in the Soup Tree; 
Searching the Tree;
Output Print; 
Parsing Full or Partial

Hands-on Exercise – Install Beautifulsoup and lxml Python parser, Make a Soup object using an input html file, Navigate Py objects in the soup tree, Search tree, Print output

Module 11: Python on Hadoop

Understanding Hadoop and its various components;
Hadoop ecosystem and Hadoop common; 
HDFS and MapReduce Architecture;
Python scripting for MapReduce Jobs on Hadoop framework

Hands-on Exercise – Write a basic MapReduce Job in Python and connect with Hadoop Framework to perform the task

Module 12: Writing Spark code using Python

What is Spark,
understanding RDDs, 
Spark Libs, 
writing Spark code using python,
Spark Machine Libraries Mlib, Regression,
Classification and Clustering using Spark MLlib

Hands-on Exercise – Implement sandbox, Run a python code in sandbox, Work with HDFS file system from sandbox

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This course has made the transition to Python seamless and easy. 

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Great course for the scientific programmer who'd like to delve deeper into Python and gain a good introduction to some of the Python tools out there catering to science/engineering applications. 

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It was great to learn from people with extensive experience.Thank You IEVISION.

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Great content, GREAT instructor, and great demos. The #1 most important thing when hosting a class is the expertise of the instructor. 

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Good learning experience. Well equipped class room. The best python training institute in Pune. I got in depth knowledge of advance python over here. They trained us very well and even gave us a good placement.


Yes, We provide 100% Job Assistance to all IEVISION students. 
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